First & Third Wednesday of each month in the KC Building
Second Wednesday

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Board of Directors

Name:   Gregg Kabbes
Title:   President

Name:   Phil Koerner
Title:   Vice President

Name:   Art Geen
Title:   Treasurer

Name:   Greg Koester
Title:   Secretary

Name:   Grand Knight Keith Willenborg
Title:   Member

Name:   Dennis Isley
Title:   Member

Name:   Nick Althoff
Title:   Member

Name:   Steve Martin
Title:   Manager

Council Officers

Name:   Keith V Willenborg
Title:   Grand Knight

Name:   James A Bierman
Title:   Deputy Grand Knight

Name:   Fr. Ralph Zetzl OFM
Title:   Chaplain

Name:   Charles E Luchtefeld
Title:   Chancellor

Name:   James R Miller
Title:   Financial Secretary

Name:   Kenneth Thies
Title:   Recording Secretary

Name:   Brian Colwell
Title:   Warden

Name:   Terry J Grunloh
Title:   Treasurer

Name:   Douglas L. Brown
Title:   Advocate

Name:   Robert F Feldhake
Title:   Lecturer

Name:   Thomas Palmer
Title:   Inside Guard

Title:   Outside Guard

Name:   Jesse R Davis
Title:   Trustee

Name:   Gregg Kabbes
Title:   Trustee

Name:   Greg Koester
Title:   Trustee

Name:   Richard Feldhake
Title:   Editor

Name:   Richard Feldhake
Title:   Mailer

Name:   Don Niebrugge
Title:   Springfield Dioc Asst Member Chairman

Name:   David Keck
Title:   District Deputy

Insurance Agent

Name:   Joseph L LaSarge IV
Title:   Insurance Agent
Extra Info:   (217) 821-6072

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